The Ultimate Guide: How To Clean Greasy Walls, Backsplashes, and Cabinets

When you are in a house for years together, you are bound to have greasy deposits on walls and certain corners. Especially in your kitchen near the stove area, where all the cooking happens.

You may be extra cautious when you cook and take extra care to wipe down the counter and ensure things don’t splash all around the stove area. But cooking is such that, these things happen in the least expected of times. Sometimes we remember to clean it and sometimes, we just forget and after a period of time, it settles into the grooves and greasy texture forms.

Clean It Up

Here is how you clean it all up:


Though most of your cabinets are away from the cooking space, we tend to touch them to open when we are in the midst of cooking, thus transferring dirt and grime of the food being cooked, onto the cabinets. Do a routine wipe down of your cabinets once a week. Use a wiping sponge and some clean water for this. Use soap once a month or more frequently if needed. If there are stains or grime, you can use soap once and follow it with a clean water wipe down.


Use some liquid soap or kitchen cleaning liquid to clean these tough stains. There are a number of kitchen cleaning sprays one can find in the market. Spray this and you can clean it off immediately. If this doesn’t help, use a stronger soap or vinegar to get the stains off.

Using the latest kitchen chimney available to you will help reduce these stains to an extent as all the oil vapors are sucked into the chimney while cooking. The minute you see an advert using a phrase including “best kitchen chimney” don’t rush to buy it until you have enquired and done enough research.


The same kitchen cleaning spray will be good enough to clean down the walls. If possible get your walls painted with the easy to clean surface paints available in the market as it reduces your workload to a great extent.