Homeowners: Top 10 Energy Saving Tips

Okay, we have all been here.

I have had my partner shout at me for leaving the AC on like when I was in the shower. And I am like oh my god! Not again.

But honestly, I know I need to become more responsible in this field because energy saved is like money saved. And also the benefit that accrues to the environment.

So, I was thinking of documenting ten-point charter that I will give to myself on the new years to remind me to become more responsible about energy conservation.

Nope, this is not going to be my New Year resolution; because I never seem to keep them beyond three weeks J

This is something I am going to adhere to much longer hopefully!

  1. Got to check if the house is insulated enough

If you have any doubts that insulating can make great savings, I will vouch for it. Insulating between walls and in the lofts can mean great savings!

  1. Go for energy saving bulbs

I know they are a bit costlier than the normal ones but I still buy them using discount coupons from Couponobox. Great lighting and great discount – what more does one want!

  1. Replace your old boiler and see at least 58 percent of your energy bills being slashed off. If you think that the boiler is way too much than your budget, ask for state help or begin saving right away!
  2. Stop keeping your electronic devices on standby mode; you will have made a big difference to your energy saving goals.
  3. Check your plumbing issues. This will make a good case for your healthy bottom-line too.
  4. Draught proofing your home can mean that you save immensely and also make sure that the interiors are way cozier than before.
  5. Insulate your water heater by buying a jacket for it. In only a couple of months, you would have broken even your investment with the savings that you will make in the energy billing.
  6. Install a temperature thermostat and if you already own it then bring the temperature down gradually by one percent to see awesome savings.
  7. Electricity monitor is the way to go in case you are watching your consumption. It will help you keep a tab on your usage too.
  8. If you are doing all this but your bill tells you a different story then we suggest you change your suppliers!!