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Planning to shift to a smaller place and already fretting over space problem?

You are due to shift out of your current residence and you are excited about it. New place, new neighborhood and newer fiends but there is one thing weighing you down and that is the space crunch that you will be experiencing there.

You are also used to big spaces and you feel this home is compact and nice but you are definitely going to have a lot of storage dilemma. Especially since you have accumulated so much stuff in your kitchen and in your living room!

You cannot give them all off!

No definitely not!

It is not even on your mind. Giving our prized collection of books and your kitchen equipment that you have gathered over the years and because you so destress with trying out multiple cuisines is out of the question!

You decide that you will work your way out and create smart storage places in the limited space resource that you have!

Well done! You have already taken the first step to prudence.

With homes becoming more compact and smaller than they were always, the new fad is to creatively use the available space. Here is a list of five storage places that you could use to the optimum level:

  • under the staircase

I love stacking my books under the stairs. It makes for a great site and a lovely nook to read!

  • Using functional furniture:

Ottoman with storage, bed with drawers and counter tables that have secret drawers inside make great places to stash your booty! My LP collection is mostly under my bed. Ssshhhh**

  • Sides of kitchen cabinets:

I use the sides of kitchen shelf for hanging equipment and tools that I use every day as also for hanging my cups and cutlery on sturdier racks.

  • table tops:

I have used ornate trays to decorate the top of tables and used then to creatively arrange stuff. So, they don’t look like clutter but add to the aesthetics!

  • Lofts:

This is a winning idea. If you do not have the luxury of having loft spaces you can ask to use a DIY project to create them on your wardrobes and showcases.

There you go, additional storage space without too much hassle! Happy decorating!!…

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