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Having a dog is not much different than having a baby in the house. Many things that threaten humans are also harmful to dogs, and so are many things that humans can carelessly be around. If you have a fur baby, there are steps you should take to make sure the house is safe. Anything hazardous is out of their reach, and all consumable items are put away. Let’s take a step by step look at how you can make your house perfect for your dog.

  • Put up blockades: Your dog needs boundaries where she can safely play. Putting up boundaries around areas where you keep cleaning chemicals, around large appliances, tiny places like vents and low cupboards is important.
  • Keep food locked away: Your table scrap can be delicious and attract the attention of your little fur baby. But it is of utmost importance that you lock your food so they cannot get into the wrappers and choke, or eat themselves sick, or eat something innocuous like grapes which are toxic to dogs.
  • Make a den: Dogs are den animals. They need a cozy place for resting. Best dog beds for large dogs, or the one that fits your dog should be sturdy to withstand some chewing since it will be the centerpiece of the den and where your dog spends at least 10 hours a day.
  • Cover the garbage: Dogs love to go through anything that smells differently. Bonus points if it can make a huge mess. Cover and put away your garbage somewhere she can’t reach.
  • Close the toilet lid: Small dogs can mistakenly jump in and injure or drown themselves. Whereas the bigger dog breeds will definitely try to drink out of the toilet bowl. Close it every time you use the toilet.

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