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Working with a toddler around! Congratulations!!

If you have ever thought about to work with children around would be a piece of cake – think again!

I have tried working ever since Kevin was one and a half and I can tell you that driving to and fro to work is easier a hundred times over. Of course, if you have someone to double for you back home.

So, over the years, until he was old enough to be left at the playschool, I struggled each day to manage my tasks on time. It was almost like they would be well behaved till the time I sat myself down for the work. Then the noise and the demands and everything would escalate and I would be at my wit’s end trying to concentrate in spite of the one million distractions around. Yeah!

  1. Be practical1

Realistic is perhaps the right word. Do not over exaggerate or under exaggerate your children’s attention seeking habits. You will need to do a correct appraisal for you to understand how long you can keep them occupied until you have the quiet to complete your work. You definitely don’t want children bawling over while you are attending business calls!

  1. Talk it out with them!

This works out with older children. But younger children can also surprise you!

Try telling them that they are part of the team at work and that they need to keep quiet till mum and dad work.

  1. Just keep them busy:

Over the years, one thing that I have realized is that when kids are given interesting toys they do spend a lot of their waking hours playing with it. It should only engage them and I have been lucky to have got this pro tip early on in my career. I got my toys from starwalkkids and I can see how busy the handful are when they are with their astronomy toys. Try!