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Garage meant extra storage!

I know the feeling when we first moved into our home here. We came from a smaller neighborhood and I was excited to have so much space to myself. Well, the minimalist that I have become over the years is a far cry from what a hoarder I was back then. So, obviously, the prospect of having so much space to hoard must have excited me no end.

We had a small car those days and we had a porch so the husband was very keen on not keeping the car in the garage most of the days.

Nothing could have pleased me more!

I set about thinking how to be able to use the garage to store more things. One was that I was not ready to make any new addition because restructuring would have caused a lot of money. Also, permissions from the planning authority were not easy those days so I had to make do with whatever it was that I could creatively think of.

Here is my list of things that you can or cannot store in the garage:

  1. The car and the related things:

Any spare parts of the car like the Stephanie or the toolkits etc. can be stored in the garage. We used to have a battery charger and a tire inflator kept just in case.

  1. Cleaning tools:

I used to keep my housekeeping and gardening tools in a corner. That helped because the laundry room was a bit small and the garage did seem like a good place for the storage.

  1. Extra clothes:

I had earmarked a small corner for charity things where I had kept a big box and used to stash away anything that I did not or could not use for more than a year. This box was religiously taken to the charities and donated. I had a couple of times also conducted garage sales the proceeds of which were also sent to the charities that I associated myself with.

  1. Solvents only labeled:

One thing I was very wary of storing there in the garage was solvents, car fuel or cooking gas or even cleaning solvents unless they were duly labeled and kept in a cool spot where they would not be easily inflamed.

  1. The carpentry tools:

Most of the tools lovingly sourced by the husband from lied around in the garage which he would suddenly take to using. The rest of the time, of course, they idled around!!