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Being a woman of the house is not a joke, especially if you have kids running around or if you are a stay at home mom. Who said you need to hit the spa to have a relaxing day? Though it is not an idea we would discard easily, it is not always feasible. At such times, do you just stay wound up and not relax? No. You look for ideas from sources like and others. We can help you relax in your own home.

Here is a guide to help you through:

  • Schedule –When it comes to a day of relaxing, schedule your day accordingly. Set aside a few hours as your relaxing time, so that you know how much time you have for other responsibilities. Decide when you want to do other things or if possible, push it to the next day. If your laundry is not done or house is not dusted one day, nothing will happen!
  • Bath – If you have a bathtub at home, fill it up with a nice warm bubble bath and soak in it. You can listen to your favorite music, read a book or even have scented candles around to create a spa atmosphere.
  • Don’t have a tub? Don’t worry. Have a nice hot shower or a warm shower; soak your feet in a bucket of warm water to relax those feet and rest of you. All your nerve endings are in your feet and relaxing them will calm you down.
  • Watch – If zoning out in front of the TV, doing nothing is your way of relaxing. Get everyone out of the house to do something or hook them up with some family member and hit your couch. a tub of ice cream or some hot food delivered to the house and a good movie is a perfect way to relax.

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