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Being a woman of the house is not a joke, especially if you have kids running around or if you are a stay at home mom. Who said you need to hit the spa to have a relaxing day? Though it is not an idea we would discard easily, it is not always feasible. At such times, do you just stay wound up and not relax? No. You look for ideas from sources like and others. We can help you relax in your own home.

Here is a guide to help you through:

  • Schedule –When it comes to a day of relaxing, schedule your day accordingly. Set aside a few hours as your relaxing time, so that you know how much time you have for other responsibilities. Decide when you want to do other things or if possible, push it to the next day. If your laundry is not done or house is not dusted one day, nothing will happen!
  • Bath – If you have a bathtub at home, fill it up with a nice warm bubble bath and soak in it. You can listen to your favorite music, read a book or even have scented candles around to create a spa atmosphere.
  • Don’t have a tub? Don’t worry. Have a nice hot shower or a warm shower; soak your feet in a bucket of warm water to relax those feet and rest of you. All your nerve endings are in your feet and relaxing them will calm you down.
  • Watch – If zoning out in front of the TV, doing nothing is your way of relaxing. Get everyone out of the house to do something or hook them up with some family member and hit your couch. a tub of ice cream or some hot food delivered to the house and a good movie is a perfect way to relax.

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Okay, we have all been here.

I have had my partner shout at me for leaving the AC on like when I was in the shower. And I am like oh my god! Not again.

But honestly, I know I need to become more responsible in this field because energy saved is like money saved. And also the benefit that accrues to the environment.

So, I was thinking of documenting ten-point charter that I will give to myself on the new years to remind me to become more responsible about energy conservation.

Nope, this is not going to be my New Year resolution; because I never seem to keep them beyond three weeks J

This is something I am going to adhere to much longer hopefully!

  1. Got to check if the house is insulated enough

If you have any doubts that insulating can make great savings, I will vouch for it. Insulating between walls and in the lofts can mean great savings!

  1. Go for energy saving bulbs

I know they are a bit costlier than the normal ones but I still buy them using discount coupons from Couponobox. Great lighting and great discount – what more does one want!

  1. Replace your old boiler and see at least 58 percent of your energy bills being slashed off. If you think that the boiler is way too much than your budget, ask for state help or begin saving right away!
  2. Stop keeping your electronic devices on standby mode; you will have made a big difference to your energy saving goals.
  3. Check your plumbing issues. This will make a good case for your healthy bottom-line too.
  4. Draught proofing your home can mean that you save immensely and also make sure that the interiors are way cozier than before.
  5. Insulate your water heater by buying a jacket for it. In only a couple of months, you would have broken even your investment with the savings that you will make in the energy billing.
  6. Install a temperature thermostat and if you already own it then bring the temperature down gradually by one percent to see awesome savings.
  7. Electricity monitor is the way to go in case you are watching your consumption. It will help you keep a tab on your usage too.
  8. If you are doing all this but your bill tells you a different story then we suggest you change your suppliers!!

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When you are in a house for years together, you are bound to have greasy deposits on walls and certain corners. Especially in your kitchen near the stove area, where all the cooking happens.

You may be extra cautious when you cook and take extra care to wipe down the counter and ensure things don’t splash all around the stove area. But cooking is such that, these things happen in the least expected of times. Sometimes we remember to clean it and sometimes, we just forget and after a period of time, it settles into the grooves and greasy texture forms.

Clean It Up

Here is how you clean it all up:


Though most of your cabinets are away from the cooking space, we tend to touch them to open when we are in the midst of cooking, thus transferring dirt and grime of the food being cooked, onto the cabinets. Do a routine wipe down of your cabinets once a week. Use a wiping sponge and some clean water for this. Use soap once a month or more frequently if needed. If there are stains or grime, you can use soap once and follow it with a clean water wipe down.


Use some liquid soap or kitchen cleaning liquid to clean these tough stains. There are a number of kitchen cleaning sprays one can find in the market. Spray this and you can clean it off immediately. If this doesn’t help, use a stronger soap or vinegar to get the stains off.

Using the latest kitchen chimney available to you will help reduce these stains to an extent as all the oil vapors are sucked into the chimney while cooking. The minute you see an advert using a phrase including “best kitchen chimney” don’t rush to buy it until you have enquired and done enough research.


The same kitchen cleaning spray will be good enough to clean down the walls. If possible get your walls painted with the easy to clean surface paints available in the market as it reduces your workload to a great extent.…

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Everyone wants to have all the latest gadgets and more space in the kitchen. But the thought of spending time and money on this makeover demotivates most of the people. They wait for the right time and save money before they can change the kitchen. So here we are with some great ideas that will help to enhance the appeal of the kitchen without spending too much money and of course without even breaking the walls or your piggy bank.

  1. The first thing is to do it yourself. Add some shelves or racks and you can do it using the tools that you have. You can also buy some tools after reading this ratcheting sets reviews. This will help you to enhance the utilities and storage and even the working area without really spending too much time. You can get some ideas from online forums on kitchen makeovers.
  2. Use the kitchen windowsill to keep a few things that will free up space for other things.
  3. Use drawers, shelves, and stackers in innovative ways to arrange as many things as possible. Use some stackers and baskets that can be kept below the shelves or cabinets increasing the storage area.
  4. There are some things that you don’t use very often. These can be kept in the garage or above the cabinets to create space for more frequently used things.
  5. It is easy to put up peg boards and you can move the lighter things to these shelves. The pegs can also be used to hang napkins and aprons etc.
  6. You can buy a smaller table that suits the space inside your kitchen. This inexpensive addition will be multipurpose. It can be used for working or eating a small meal with the family.

We know that you cannot break the walls as that is an expensive and long-term exercise. But you can change the total area available by changing and adding a few things here and there. This will help you to increase the work surface and make a huge difference in the look of the kitchen. It will look bigger and cleaner. So do not wait for a special occasion for changing the look of the kitchen and go ahead now. It is easy and quick.

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