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Spring is the season when you can start fresh. Here is how you can prepare your garden for spring.  Check out the ClimateCounts greenhouse kits for more tips

Clear the dead leaves

Growing flowers and plants need you to prepare a tidy place. You need a plot that is clean and tidy. Make sure that you choose to clean the plot of leaves and weeds. The best way is to dig up the ground and dispose of the weeds.

Plan ahead

Start planning which plants would you be planting in the spring season. Planning early will let you be well prepared and let you enjoy looking and beautiful flowers.

Gardening tools

The gardening tools should be in great condition. These should not contain any bugs or any diseases. This is important so that the tools do not spoil the plants.

Enrich the soil

Use compost to enrich the soil. You could also use the organic matter for it. Dig into it and get it to the top of the soil. This will also help to aerate the soil.

Get more space

Make more space in your garden by taking a third of the plant. This will give you space for fresh growth. It will also give you more space to plant new pants.

Unwanted Pests

There are posts that will get into the plants and destroy it. So make sure that the garden is free of pests.

Decide on what you want to plant

Get the cuttings and the seeds ready. Make sure that you read up on the plants and the special care that they need. This will save them from dying. Also, plan the garden so that you know where which plant will be sown.

The plants will take its time. So be patient with the plants that you so.…

Home Improvement

Finally, you have found the house that fits in your budget and is very conveniently located. However, you do not like the way it looks.

Or you have been living in a house that has become very old now and you want to change the way it looks.

An inexpensive way

Then the easiest way to do it is to change the color of your home with a quick and easy process. You do not have to buy expensive furniture or change the upholstery to make the house look better. All you need to do is to change the color of the walls using some innovative ideas. Do not worry, the days of standing for hours and painting using brushes and rollers are gone and now we have many innovative tools and sprays that can help you finish the work promptly. You do not even have to call someone for help as you can paint your home yourself with the modern spray machines available easily. You can read more at to understand how it works.

Mix and match

The basic colors and their interplay can change the look of a house. Do you know that every color has a specific feeling attributed to it? So you can use an interplay of various colors to make your home look attractive. For example, green is a warm and pleasing hue and blue is peaceful and calm. Red denotes warmth and energy. So you can choose the apt shades that denote your personality and then combine them in the most interesting ways that you like.

Remember to understand that diverse surfaces of a house may need various types of paints and different types of spray guns. So before you rush to buy the material for painting you must assess the requirement based on the structure and design of your home and your choices. You can involve your kids in this exercise and take their help in painting if they are old enough. Every family loves to create a unique living space and you can realize that dream by changing the color of your home now.

Home Improvement

Fashions and ideas of beautiful designs keep changing with time. The old-fashioned heavy wood sofas have been replaced with newer models and smarter designs. But the allure and utility of wood cannot be underestimated. You can learn and add a lot of elements to your home using wood. You need to mix and match the shades of wood and furniture to make it look more interesting.

  1. The idea is to create a contrasting look. So the floor and furniture should be different hues of wood. For example, the flooring can be a lighter shade and the furniture can be darker in color.
  2. Even if you like to use wood, they also do not go to the extreme of using wooden objects in every aspect of designing in the room. Balance the furniture sizes and shapes and to create a semblance of order and beauty in the rooms.
  3. Before you start any project, understand the nature of different types of equipment available in the market. Forearmed with the knowledge you can choose the right tools, a right variety of wood, the right shades for each project and then start your work. If you visit, then it will be a great starting point.
  4. Use lighter shades and hues and combine with white color. It makes it look classy.
  5. Use cleaner and straight cuts of the wood to make the projects simple and easy to handle.
  6. Play around with ideas and create a design that reflects your personality. Use a rug or carpet to break the monotony of the woodwork in the room. This will also help to hide any flaws in the work done by you.

The most important aspect of woodwork is that you should start small. This will help you to complete a project and then start a new one. Do not start a huge project like that may not complete or make you leave it midway. Buy an appropriate machine that is easy to handle. Use all the safety gear as advised and then let your imagination and creativity take over the project.

Tool Organizers

Working with a toddler around! Congratulations!!

If you have ever thought about to work with children around would be a piece of cake – think again!

I have tried working ever since Kevin was one and a half and I can tell you that driving to and fro to work is easier a hundred times over. Of course, if you have someone to double for you back home.

So, over the years, until he was old enough to be left at the playschool, I struggled each day to manage my tasks on time. It was almost like they would be well behaved till the time I sat myself down for the work. Then the noise and the demands and everything would escalate and I would be at my wit’s end trying to concentrate in spite of the one million distractions around. Yeah!

  1. Be practical1

Realistic is perhaps the right word. Do not over exaggerate or under exaggerate your children’s attention seeking habits. You will need to do a correct appraisal for you to understand how long you can keep them occupied until you have the quiet to complete your work. You definitely don’t want children bawling over while you are attending business calls!

  1. Talk it out with them!

This works out with older children. But younger children can also surprise you!

Try telling them that they are part of the team at work and that they need to keep quiet till mum and dad work.

  1. Just keep them busy:

Over the years, one thing that I have realized is that when kids are given interesting toys they do spend a lot of their waking hours playing with it. It should only engage them and I have been lucky to have got this pro tip early on in my career. I got my toys from starwalkkids and I can see how busy the handful are when they are with their astronomy toys. Try!


Planning to buy a house? Funds are not always available in surplus and when it comes to buying your dream house, final amounts do exceed the budget one had in mind. In such a case, should the person let go of their dream home and wait for something else to come along? Well, not always. One always has the option to borrow the extra money and get that house. They can repay the borrowed sum at a later date.

Today there are a number of options for a person to get a home loan from. You can visit NettiVipit to know more.

So, can you buy a house with only a home loan? Is personal loan a viable option to help you buy that house? Let’s find out:

Personal loans cannot be used to buy you a house. A home loan is a big loan and is spread over years, classifying it as a long-term loan. Such loans require security, collateral, and a sizeable down payment.

Though you can take a personal loan much before the mortgage and use it for a down payment and reduce your interest rate for your home loan, it is not an advisable choice. Simply because such unsecured loans come with very high rates of interest and what you save by getting a sizeable down payment for your home loan or mortgage, will be spent (or even more) on your interest payments.

Though getting a mortgage or a bank sanctioned home loan can be a tiresome and time-consuming process, it is a smart choice when it comes to repaying it. You can compare different rates from banks and choose the one that suits your budget and offers more than others.

If needed, you can take a personal loan to help you consolidate your old loans or repay them on time. This will help in improving your credit score for your home loan. However, ensure this is done at least a year in advance so that you have enough time to pay back at least a good part of the personal loan.


However artistic you make your home; the real beauty is brought by the brightness of the light.  Dark homes are very unsafe because they attract more negative energy and pests.  Life quotes say, ‘Give light, and the darkness will disappear for itself’.  So, use the below tips to brighten up your sweet home:

Maintenance of indoor plants:  It is good to have little greenery inside the house.  But take care to maintain them properly so that the foliage becomes large and blocks light.

Lighting devices:  Use professional services like Temeculaelectricianpros to install Daylighting devices in the roof on the room.  In hilly regions, natural daylighting may not be available.  Get professionals to choose and install energy efficient lamps so that more lamps can be used without much power consumption.

Light colors:  Use more of light colors for the tiles and furniture.  This will make the room look bright. Also, paint the room using a light color.  Locate a mirror at an appropriate place where light falls.  Mirrors enlarge the lighting.

Window coverings:  Ensure that natural lighting is not prevented by dark screens/shades.  Use light-colored blinds which are adjustable.

Do not block window lighting:  Ensure that gadgets or furniture do not stand in the way of window lighting.

Ensure that you have enough lighting provisions in each room.  Larger rooms need more lights and a big chandelier in the center.  Ensure that the room of kids is bright enough to facilitate reading activities.  Light in bedrooms should be mild.

Colour of the lighting plays a vital role.  White light is preferable for reading.  Blue light brings deep sleep.  Do not have purple lighting in areas where you keep plants. Green lights transmit more energy and are suitable for those areas.…


Are you planning for a sailing vacation? Then there are many things one needs to be prepared within advance before you embark on your journey. Either one charters the sailboat or if you are super rich you would be using your yacht. All the information with regard to sailing will be available at

The most important thing one needs to be prepared is with the list of food items to carry along as there would be days you would not see land if you are planning for a long cruise.

Tips to follow while preparing the food list

Breakfast- One should carry along lots of foods that are easy to eat for breakfast purpose like cereal and milk, granola bars, English muffins bread, etc. Also, you could take eggs as one or two days you could cook some food for breakfasts.

Lunch- You could take along different items which can be used to fix quick and easy sandwiches like lettuce, cheese, mayonnaise, frozen meat, etc.  It’s better to eat simple lunches if you are on the move as the sea might not be calm and you might feel seasickness. Whenever you’re anchored on a beach, you can go out and get some proper meal.

Snacks- Never forget to buy snacks. Snacks are best after a swim or snorkeling and easy to eat whenever hunger strikes. You can carry along dry fruits, fruits, chips, cookies, etc.

Drinks- You need to carry lots of water as one person should drink at least 1 and a half liters of water every day. Better to get water gallons as you can stock up a large quantity.

Condiments- You should carry along salt, pepper, sauces, spices, etc which you need while making your lunch or dinner. Few boats would not be having these items in stock.…

Cool Tech

Planning to go solar could be because of many reasons. You may want to save on your electricity bill or improve the value of your home. While it can be said without doubt that installing solar at homes has many benefits, but there are some factors that you should keep in mind before you install solar at your home. The location of your home and the style of the roof are some factors that will determine the spending on the solar system that you wish to install at home. Read the details at

The condition of the roof

The biggest thing that you need to factor in is the durability. Most of the solar systems can last for more than 30 years. And this means that the roof on which you plan to install the solar panel should be of top-notch quality. Also important to consider is the layout and materials used in the roof. The roof should have some space that is unobstructed.


The solar will generate more power if more sun shines on it. So if you living in an area where sunlight is scarce then this means that the energy produced will be less. You would then have to install some extra panels if you stay in places that hardly receive sunlight. Also important to consider is the orientation of your home. Make sure that there are no tall structures that are obstructing the production of energy.


The most popular are the roof mounted panels but some also install the ground-mounted array. These can easily be installed anywhere in your property. You could also choose to mount the solar panels with trackers. This is one that follows the sun and helps to produce more power. However, these installations are more expensive. Along with how you place the panel there are also many panels that you can select from. Always makes sure that you know about the efficiency of the panel because the more efficient it is the better will be the returns.

Tools & Home Improvement

Our bedroom is the most personal space in the entire house. Even if you are living all by yourself, the bedroom is generally off limits to outsiders and only near and dear ones are permitted in.

This special space of yours generally reflects not just your mood but the type of person you are and your taste and preferences. This place is cozy and inviting at all times of the day.

Want to make it feel extra cozy? You can get unique ideas from  Here are some 10 simple tricks as well:

  1. Comforter – if you are using a blanket, switch to a comforter in a deep blue or other cool tones. This makes it very inviting and cozy.
  2. Your Corner – Come up with a cozy corner. Though the entire room is yours, a corner for reading or just relaxing can make the room feel and look cozier
  3. Lights – Have a selection of dim lights in your room as well. While these may not be the best option to read in, they can change the mood in an instant
  4. Music – Have a selection of music that can always make you feel relaxed and at home. Having feel good music at fingertips can have a big impact on the cozy factor
  5. Curtains – Opt for smooth fabrics in soft tones. Loud tones will take away the cozy feeling
  6. Arrangement – Change the arrangement of various items in your room to add some personal touch. There is no rule as to which side a particular furniture has to be. Adding your own signature is the key
  7. Pillows – Adding a few throw pillows will make the bed and the room, on the whole, more inviting and cozy to just sit or nap in
  8. Rugs – Add a rug to soothe those feet after a long day of walking around. This need not be expensive, just something to suit your style will suffice
  9. Photos – adding photos from the personal event or of people close to you, on your walls or table can add a more personal touch to the room
  10. Small Items – Add a few small items her are there to add a more personal touch to the room.

Home Improvement