Month: October 2018

Garage meant extra storage!

I know the feeling when we first moved into our home here. We came from a smaller neighborhood and I was excited to have so much space to myself. Well, the minimalist that I have become over the years is a far cry from what a hoarder I was back then. So, obviously, the prospect of having so much space to hoard must have excited me no end.

We had a small car those days and we had a porch so the husband was very keen on not keeping the car in the garage most of the days.

Nothing could have pleased me more!

I set about thinking how to be able to use the garage to store more things. One was that I was not ready to make any new addition because restructuring would have caused a lot of money. Also, permissions from the planning authority were not easy those days so I had to make do with whatever it was that I could creatively think of.

Here is my list of things that you can or cannot store in the garage:

  1. The car and the related things:

Any spare parts of the car like the Stephanie or the toolkits etc. can be stored in the garage. We used to have a battery charger and a tire inflator kept just in case.

  1. Cleaning tools:

I used to keep my housekeeping and gardening tools in a corner. That helped because the laundry room was a bit small and the garage did seem like a good place for the storage.

  1. Extra clothes:

I had earmarked a small corner for charity things where I had kept a big box and used to stash away anything that I did not or could not use for more than a year. This box was religiously taken to the charities and donated. I had a couple of times also conducted garage sales the proceeds of which were also sent to the charities that I associated myself with.

  1. Solvents only labeled:

One thing I was very wary of storing there in the garage was solvents, car fuel or cooking gas or even cleaning solvents unless they were duly labeled and kept in a cool spot where they would not be easily inflamed.

  1. The carpentry tools:

Most of the tools lovingly sourced by the husband from lied around in the garage which he would suddenly take to using. The rest of the time, of course, they idled around!!


Planning to shift to a smaller place and already fretting over space problem?

You are due to shift out of your current residence and you are excited about it. New place, new neighborhood and newer fiends but there is one thing weighing you down and that is the space crunch that you will be experiencing there.

You are also used to big spaces and you feel this home is compact and nice but you are definitely going to have a lot of storage dilemma. Especially since you have accumulated so much stuff in your kitchen and in your living room!

You cannot give them all off!

No definitely not!

It is not even on your mind. Giving our prized collection of books and your kitchen equipment that you have gathered over the years and because you so destress with trying out multiple cuisines is out of the question!

You decide that you will work your way out and create smart storage places in the limited space resource that you have!

Well done! You have already taken the first step to prudence.

With homes becoming more compact and smaller than they were always, the new fad is to creatively use the available space. Here is a list of five storage places that you could use to the optimum level:

  • under the staircase

I love stacking my books under the stairs. It makes for a great site and a lovely nook to read!

  • Using functional furniture:

Ottoman with storage, bed with drawers and counter tables that have secret drawers inside make great places to stash your booty! My LP collection is mostly under my bed. Ssshhhh**

  • Sides of kitchen cabinets:

I use the sides of kitchen shelf for hanging equipment and tools that I use every day as also for hanging my cups and cutlery on sturdier racks.

  • table tops:

I have used ornate trays to decorate the top of tables and used then to creatively arrange stuff. So, they don’t look like clutter but add to the aesthetics!

  • Lofts:

This is a winning idea. If you do not have the luxury of having loft spaces you can ask to use a DIY project to create them on your wardrobes and showcases.

There you go, additional storage space without too much hassle! Happy decorating!!…

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The market has range of car seats from leading manufacturers that are fully equipped with excellent safety features to protect your child while traveling. Among the range of car seats available, Britax has created a unique place for itself in providing high end safety features to protect your child while traveling. The brand has over 70 years of experience in providing automotive safety and has become a trusted household name. The Britax car seats have met and in many cases have also exceeded the safety standards. Check that compares two popular car seat models.

All Britax car seats use patented SafeCell Impact Protection System which includes many components that work together to give protection. While some individual components may vary the following components are integral part of Britax car seats – impact absorbing bases, impact stabilizing steel frames and side impact protection. Among the Britax car seat series, the Britax Advocate ClickTight is found to be the perfect choice for family who are always on the go.

The Britax Advocate has 14 harness positions with the lowest at 8.6 inches and the highest at 19.5 inches. The seat has the lifespan of 10 years which means it can accommodate a few children if you are planning to offer them close protection. Britax provides all replacement parts. However, there are pros and cons for parents who are planning to use the car seat. Britax Advocate comes with harness that requires no rethreading. Readjusting the harness is easy as your child grows and especially when you have more than one child.

The ClickTight installation makes the installation process easy and enables easy transfer between multiple cars. The Britax’s unique SafeCell impact protection system is capable of withstanding impacts that come from the sides. The seat has 7 recline positions in both forward and rear facing modes and allows micro adjustments for best comfort. When traveling long distances this feature is very crucial as you can adjust depending on the weather outside or your baby’s mood. The downside is the seat is 30 pounds which makes it heavy and pricier than other models. Overall, customers are very happy with the performance of Britax Advocate ClickTight car seat.

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To all those who think that social media usage is going down the drain in Germany, here are some facts to withdraw your statements.

  • More than three-fourths of the total German population are making use of the internet almost every day in some way or the other.
  • Almost 75% of the Germans have at least one active social media account, out of which the maximum falls under the age group of 14 years and 29 years.
  • Germans spend at least one-fourth of their browsing time on social media networks.

Social Media Players in Germany

  • The most popularly used social networking sites are found to be Facebook, Instagram, XING, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, and Pinterest.
  • Although several other social media platforms have been launched in the past, they have met their doom even before gaining recognition. Some of these include studivz,, and
  • Without a doubt, Facebook ranks the first position in the world of social media.
  • On the professional front, Germans have their own equivalent to LinkedIn, which is none other than Xing. However, LinkedIn is making it a point to catch up with Xing where the number of LinkedIn users are on the rise, thus creating competition to Xing.
  • However, Twitter is one social media network that is not used commonly in Germany mainly because of the character limit.
  • On the other hand, people resort to Instagram and Pinterest to share photos and upload images than on any other social media platform. Instagram is the favorite of most German marketing agencies including that of Galaxy Marketing.
  • Another interesting fact is that while Google+ is just moderately popular in certain countries, it is finding widespread use in Germany mainly because of the unlimited character limit and the benefits it offers towards Google’s search engine optimization.

Therefore, the use of social media is no less in Germany than in any other country.

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