Day: September 6, 2018

It may seem a bit crazy when you want to produce synthetic urine at home but just imagine the social awkward-ness that would come from asking someone to use their own urine. See how awkward it seems?

It seems almost every day now, I get people asking me how to produce synthetic urine.

Using synthetic urine is a safer, more hygienic and also more foolproof solution than using someone else’s urine. What if the other person is also using drugs. Not to mention how awkward it will be asking someone for their pee.

Producing good synthetic urine at your own home can be an incredibly difficult and long process that requires a large amount of knowledge of chemistry and requires ingredients that most people don’t have access to. People who want to do this will need to think long and hard before trusting themselves to make a synthetic urine sample able to meet the criteria.

If you wish to create synthetic urine by yourself, I have no problem with that, but you also need to understand that Synthetic urine is an incredibly difficult compound to process and produce and its often times better to purchase it direct from somewhere. I got some good synthetic urine from my preferred provider (this is payspi’s main website for example.

What this guide can tell you is what synthetic urine is made of and how to use it and how it works in the laboratory and what you should do to produce it yourself.

To be 100% honest, producing synthetic urine is not a good idea on your own unless you have incredibly advanced knowledge of chemistry. For this reason, it is likely that you should simply stick to purchasing it rather than producing it yourself.…