Month: August 2018

The absolute best way to lose weight is to stop eating out, why is that you might ask – first, eating food at fast food or even fine dining restaurants were made for convenience and luxury and NOT for health – many fast food, fine dining and restaurants in general serve foods extremely high in Sodium, fat, calories, unhealthy carbs, sugars and other such bad macro-nutrients that your body will feel pleasured in eating but not healthy for you whatsoever.

Your body has evolved to want these nutrients basically because of its usual scarcity in the jungle environment of which our primate ancestors originated from and they are not OK for your consumption in daily life every day in an environment where you are not running 50 miles trying to catch food anymore. Eating at home reduces the risk that you will be overeating these nutrients because you know exactly what you are putting into your body and what food you are consuming on a daily basis when you decide to cook on your own.

Because of these factors it is crucial that you are aware of what you are consuming on a daily basis, it is also wise to add some supplements to your diet such as those from a website called Movomovo, adding those said supplements can help increase your metabolism and your overall strength in your day to day life.

In the end of the day, eating home reduces the chance you’ll be inhaling unhealthy macro-nutrients such as Carbs, fats, sugars, sodium and calories and you’ll be eating more healthy things because you know what you are putting into your body instead of what some chef at some restaurant is putting into your body. It seems to be an easy choice isn’t it?

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In this stereotype society still, a large part of men believes cooking is women job and they have absolutely nothing to do in the kitchen. But on contrary ask a woman how she wants her man to be, her answer will be definitely a good cook. It is the truth a majority of 21st-century woman loves men who are a good cook. There is no wonder when a man has multiple skills more women get attached to him and if one of the skills is cooking then he will obviously become the center of attraction.

If you are a man and loves cooking, it tells a dozen things to your girlfriend or wife than a bunch of red roses. It tells:

  • You are a sensitive man, when you cook for your girl there is a touch of romance in the surrounding if you have cooked her favorite food it shows you care for her and are taking interest in small things that she loves.
  • Women love creative men and cooking is definitely a form of art, cooking and presenting the food in an interesting way needs a lot of creativity and the talent is no less than singing or playing guitar.
  • Women always search for a man who is dependable, she can make it out on the first date with you if you plan, cook and present a visually appealing plate to her. Talking about big things does not give anyone dependency but doing small things can.
  • If a man is a good cook he has a lot of things to speak about. He does not have to search for words while taking out his fiancé on the first date, he can always talk about the food served to them. Please read manscaped boxer, an article, that is a must-read for the men to know more on how to impress a woman on the first date.