10 Simple Tricks To Make Your Bedroom Feel Extra Cozy

Our bedroom is the most personal space in the entire house. Even if you are living all by yourself, the bedroom is generally off limits to outsiders and only near and dear ones are permitted in.

This special space of yours generally reflects not just your mood but the type of person you are and your taste and preferences. This place is cozy and inviting at all times of the day.

Want to make it feel extra cozy? You can get unique ideas from http://brentwoodhomecoupon.org/.  Here are some 10 simple tricks as well:

  1. Comforter – if you are using a blanket, switch to a comforter in a deep blue or other cool tones. This makes it very inviting and cozy.
  2. Your Corner – Come up with a cozy corner. Though the entire room is yours, a corner for reading or just relaxing can make the room feel and look cozier
  3. Lights – Have a selection of dim lights in your room as well. While these may not be the best option to read in, they can change the mood in an instant
  4. Music – Have a selection of music that can always make you feel relaxed and at home. Having feel good music at fingertips can have a big impact on the cozy factor
  5. Curtains – Opt for smooth fabrics in soft tones. Loud tones will take away the cozy feeling
  6. Arrangement – Change the arrangement of various items in your room to add some personal touch. There is no rule as to which side a particular furniture has to be. Adding your own signature is the key
  7. Pillows – Adding a few throw pillows will make the bed and the room, on the whole, more inviting and cozy to just sit or nap in
  8. Rugs – Add a rug to soothe those feet after a long day of walking around. This need not be expensive, just something to suit your style will suffice
  9. Photos – adding photos from the personal event or of people close to you, on your walls or table can add a more personal touch to the room
  10. Small Items – Add a few small items her are there to add a more personal touch to the room.